Anchovies from La Escala and tomato bread12,25 €
Bravas5,25 €
Foie and mushroom croquettes9,75 €
Iberian ham croquettes9,25 €

Cold Entrées

Salad Mirador (lettuce, pine nuts, goat cheese and honey vinaigrette)8,75 €
Caesar Salad (lettuce, breaded chicken, parmesan cheese, toast and Cesar sauce)9,50 €
Green salad (mesclun, tomato, onion and olives)7,25 €
“Cor de bou” tomato salad with tuna from Roses 9,25 €
Caprese salad (tomato, mozzarella, basil and pine nuts oil, black olives and sea salt)9,25 €
Iberian ham with bread with tomato14,75 €
Melon with Iberian cured ham12,75 €
Carpaccio of shrimps from Roses 18,50 €
Beef carpaccio parmiggiano bits with Pau oil (AOVE) and Maldon salt12,75 €

Warm Entrées

Grilled vegetables with Romesco sauce12,75 €
Red shrimps in garlic and chili19,75 €
Mussels marinera style10,75 €
Steamed mussels10,25 €
Grilled clams 15,75 €
Squids Andalusian style13,75 €
Small squids13,75 €
Fried small fish12,75 €
Grilled octopus from Cap de Creus17,75 €
Calamari a la romana 9,75 €

(minim 2 persons, price per person)

Fideuà (Noodle paella)16,95 €
Black rice (kind of paella cooked in squid ink)16,95 €
Mixed paella16,95 €
Paella marinera16,95 €
Paella with lobster23,75 €
Rice with lobster24,75 €

Our Meat Dishes

Lamb chops with fries17,75 €
Grilled entrecote (400 gr) with fries19,25 €
Burger Mirador. 100% beef with lettuce, tomato, cheddar and fries10,75 €
Roasted chicken (1/2) with fries and salad9,75 €
Chicken with Norway lobsters17,25 €
Grilled pork “secret” with fries13,75 €

Sauces: blue cheese, green pepper or mushrooms 2,50/ one

Fish and Seafood

Grilled squids with salad14,25 €
Grilled cuttlefish with salad14,75 €
Grilled squids and cuttlefish with salad16,75 €
Grilled shrimps from Roses32,25 €
Grilled sole *21,75 €
Grilled turbot *19,75 €
Grilled gilthead bream *18,75 €
Grilled sea bass *18,75 €
Grilled fresh longline hake supreme*14,75 €
Grilled Lobster *32,00 €
Grilled shellfish platter (lobster, clams, Norway lobsters, red prawns, shrimps)59,75 €
Grilled fish platter (Hake, turbot, Peter’s Fish, monkfish, squid, cuttlefish)25,50 €
Grilled fish and shellfish platter (Baby lobster, squid, Norway lobster, Peter’s Fish, hake,  squid, red prawns)29,75 €

Dishes on request, minimum 2 pers. price per person

Roses Suquet, with Hake and squids from Roses (stew)24,50 €
Zarzuela24,50 €


Bread’s basket1,75 €
Tomato bread3,75 €
All i oli2,75 €
White rice2,25 €
French fries4,75 €

* with garnish white rice and baked potato

vat included.